Best Security Camera App for Android in 2020

Hey, guys are you looking for the best security camera app for Androids…? are you also in worry which app is best for watching cctv on android.?

If Yes, then you are in the right place on the Internet. Because today in this post this (Arijit Kangsabanik) going to share the best security camera app for Android mobile phones.

Basically, nowadays most people are started to use CCTV cameras or you can say security cameras for their home and offices. The reason is security, nowadays peoples became more careful about their family, office, and other important things.

Without being on that place, a security camera can also help you to look after the places where you place the camera for your security.

If you already used an old CCTV camera then you know better that it requires a monitor, network connection, or cable to view live footage. But now days cameras have batteries, So by using your mobile phone you can watch live footage, streaming, etc.

Are excited now to the list of best Security camera apps for android.?

If Yes! the let’s get started.

List of Best Security Camera apps for Android

1. Alfred Video Home Surveillance Camera/Baby Monitor

security camera app for android

Alfred video home surveillance camera app is one of the best android apps for security cameras. It has over 20 million installations around the world. It means approximately 20 million families are loving this Alfred Camera most. 

Does this app need any required mobile specification to run…?

No, it does not require any specific requirements, so you can use this app on any low-end smartphone or any high-end smartphone.

This awesome app will provide you a bundle of next-level features that allows you to use and control your security camera professionally.

With the help of this security camera, you can see live stream, instant intruder alert, low-light filter, unlimited cloud storage to store,  walkie-talkie, share, and playback your video footage.

If you want CCTV to monitor your belongings, a baby monitor to take care of your newborn, or a pet cam to entertain your beloved pets, the Alfred camera is the best choice for you.


You can easily set up this camera or you can say app with in few minutes. Also, you do not have to pay any single rupees to set up and it does not require any hard skill to set up. So now you can say that Alfred Camera is the easiest installed home surveillance system with professional-grade features, period.

Just like a real CCTV camera or Security camera

So if you want to keep an eye on your front door and backyard but you also don’t even need a security guard then you have to choose this one because by using your simple old mobile phone you can easily look after your family, office, house, etc.

Unlike traditional Security cameras or home surveillance cameras, you can put Alfred wherever you want more strengthen security. Also, you can add or remove the camera whenever you like.

If you rent an apartment, you want to make sure that your landlord or roommate does not enter without permission. When you travel, you want to make sure that your hotel room is safe. In any case, you need a portable video monitor. After all, if there is anything like theft or sabotage, video footage will be extremely helpful.

Use your fingertips for simple use

With the help of the crystal clear live stream, you are able to know that exactly what’s going onoutside or where you put it no matter where you are. Like other real home surveillance camera it can also able to send you instant alerts  whenever it detects any motion.

You can intimidate an intruder by speaking immediately through a walkie-talkie. Auto-recorded videos will be stored in free, unlimited cloud storage. You can download them and use them as evidence to help identify the suspect.


Alfred Camera has all of the standard features of a home security camera, along with the following:

  •  24/7 LIVE STREAM
  • You are also able to get instant alert when the camera picks up any movement.
  • This app also provide you Playback, download, and share your video footage at any time.
  • It can also reinforce security when it’s dark.
  • Also you are able to set ZOOM, SCHEDULE, REMINDER, TRUST CIRCLE, SIREN, and more…

If you are thinking to choose a CCTV camera but still afraiding to choose best one then click here to see all the cameras otherwise you can also use this app to protect your home with a smarter solution.

Here’s a tip: You don’t need to buy a real CCTV camera, baby monitor, IP cam, or IP webcam.

In addition to the cost of the devices, these smart home appliances often charge a monthly fee. With security apps such as Alfred, there are no complex installations, IP settings, or contracts. All you need to do is download Alfred to reproduce your old devices as a DIY WiFi camera or baby monitor: pure and simple.

Everyone is taking advantage of their unused smartphones by turning them into video players, GPS navigators, or fitness devices. So why not use yours as a baby cam, nanny cam, pet cam, webcam, or IP cam?

2. At Home Security – phone as remote monitor

security camera app for android

Here you get support of human sensing while getting instant push notification with animated GIF images when detects any human body from video streams and much more accurate than traditional motion detection setup.

if you going to buy expensive Nest camera or Dropcam and take a lot of energy to build a CCTV system?So why not to turn your old iphone,computer or set-top box into security cameras?because here You only have to install this “Athome Video streamer” app in them. With APP on other iphone, you can view them anywhere, and receive alerts right away in case of any incident or anything else 24/7.

Special Features :-

1. No more false alarms due to advanced AI and Deep Learning technology used to detect motion triggered by humans as opposed to shadows, lights, etc.

2. Remote monitoring on the go: watch live streaming via 3G/4G or WiFi network from anywhere at anytime;

3. Enhanced Night Vision: In a lower lighting condition, turn on the “Night Vision” mode will get you a  much clear and enhanced video image.

4. Two-way Talk: communicate with people and pets using the built-in mic and speaker;

5. Multi-view Display: Watch up to 4 cameras from multiple streamers on one screen simultaneously !

6. Run at startup and hide on startup: option to run the AtHome Video Streamer in background mode;

7. A Highly Secure Cloud Service: Protect all your videos and view them directly in the cloud, enjoy tight security with an easy-to-use interface. All your videos are encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud, preventing critical data being lost of tampered with.

8. Time-lapse: Time-lapse recording will summarize 24 hours’ video into a short video of just several minutes, a faster and easier way to get to know what happened in a day;

9. Pan/Tilt: remotely control your IP camera left and right or up and down to capture an entire room;

10. The App runs on PCs, iPhones, smart TV etc.

Here are some three Steps to setup your athome app,
Important Note:- Prepare 2 devices (computer or phone) before you get start.

Step 1: First Download the video capture app AtHome App and install it in your device, the unique Connection ID (also referred to as CID) will be assigned to the device  at the first time.

Step 2: Then Download and install the viewer app AtHome Camera app in device B which you want to use as a viewer. Open the app, sign up and login it, select “Add by CID” or “By QR Code” to add a device A, so you are all set to enjoy the live streaming that’s it you are done.

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