How security camera are hacked (Detailed Post)

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How security camera are hacked

Most of us don.t know how hackers hack our cameras and leak all the detailed video clips, But after reading this article you guys can easily understand actually how they hack your security cameras via which you can solve these issue and also can secure your security camera through hacking.

So are you eager to know does how security camera are hacked.?

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How to protect your security camera from getting hacked

1. Keep your camera’s firmware up to date:-

All the manufacturers of security cameras are very serious about that. Yes, they are very serious about protecting their cameras. They will publish regular firmware updates to solve the issue of software bugs and patch security vulnerabilities.

But in some cases, cameras will start downloading and install these updates automatically, while others require that you check for them on your own. (You’ll usually find an update button in the settings menu in your camera app.)

2. Always Go with a big-name vendor:-

When you are going to buy a security camera and after choosing a specific brand, then in that case we highly recommended you to choose a familiar company that treats security more responsibility.

Basically, large manufacturers with household names are held to higher scrutiny than a “no-name company,” Deraison said.Samsung,Panasonic,Ring, Nest, and Arlo are popular choices. (Note:- Not only these there are many more camera brands are available

3. Use tricky Password and change regularly:-

According to a case study, most people always use their name, date of birth, wife’s name, children’s name, and some common numbers like 12345678, 987654321 as their password. So that if you used this kind of password then any professional and unprofessional hacker can easily hack your camera. So we highly recommended you use a tricky password or long and complex password (you can easily make a complex password by using numbers and symbols). Also, change the password regularly.

[In a nationally representative CR survey on data privacy conducted in May 2019, 13 percent of respondents with at least one online account said they used the same password for all of their accounts. That makes it a cinch for hackers to gain access to multiple accounts. Always create a unique password for each account.]

4. Set up a password manager:-

If you are not able to keep in mind the passwords then you can easily do this by using a password manager. With the help of this password manager, you don’t have to remember them. Some password managers even automatically insert them into log-in prompts.

5. Upgrade to a cloud-based system:-

TO protect all your footages you can use a simple free cloud system. With the help of this cloud system, you can easily store your footages for a long time. Tech companies that provide cloud-based storage systems can install software updates for patch vulnerabilities, Derison said.

But it’s also a truth that not all security camera companies offer two-factor authentication. Some brands that provide you the facility:-  Amazon, Arlo, Nest, and Ring.

So after using all these properly you completely decrease the chances of a hack but it is true that they are not a full-proof plan. But don’t worry that there is a 2 or 3% chance of being hacked.

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