Best 5 Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras with Night Vision for 2021

Hey Friends, are you Looking for the best hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision.? If yes then you are in right place.

I am Himanshu Ric presenting a list of 5 Best hidden outdoor security cameras of 2020, Which Helps you to Secure your Home or Business.

hidden outdoor security cameras

Gone are the back days of long, obtrusive wires running across floorboards or walls. Many of today’s security cameras are only wireless,

using broadband or short-range technologies like Z-Wave to communicate with a control panel or connected smart device by using Cloud storage to store Capture videos.

Wireless security cameras are very easier to install, and they give you greater flexibility for placement.

With a wireless hidden security camera, the video signal and with the audio signal both as well is transmitted over the internet or other wireless network to a receiver that connects to your viewing and recording device through cloud storage.

Many people use laptops or smartphones and also Cloud storage to Viewing past video Footage.

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Security Wifi Camera Powered PIR Cam Waterproof Wireless Home Indoor IP Cameras

Light Camera Security 1080p WiFi Wireless Smart spy

Arlo Pro - Wireless hidden outdoor security cameras System with Siren

Soliom Outdoor Home Security Solar Battery Camera

Mini WiFi Spy Camera

Wireless Hidden Security Camera Benefits

Do you know the benefits of Hidden Security Cameras.?

If No or Yes! Doesn’t Matter because this  Then this Short intro Helps both of you.

As I already mentioned above, wireless security cameras are very easier to install through Mobile or Pc with Apps, But on the other hand, Wired cameras must connect with your home’s electrical system, so you’ll need to hire a professional for the installation of wired Cameras.

Wireless cameras rely on Wi-Fi or other networks wirelessly. you follow our instructions to set up and connect most cameras in less than twenty minutes as well.

Not only are wireless security cameras less expensive than wired systems, but they are also easier steps to move and transport. you just need to unplug them, and you’re ready to go! Finish.

Are you Excited now to see those 5 best Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras for Home.?

If Yes! Then let’s start.

Best Hidden Outdoor Security Cameras with Night Vision

1. Security Wifi Camera Powered PIR Cam Waterproof Wireless Home Indoor IP Cameras


hidden outdoor security cameras

Hijumni wireless Security camera comes with a better Wifi Connection Facility. You can also set up the camera by own in just a few minutes, Hijumni wifi battery camera is powered by an awesome built-in battery, and also there is no need to reroute any wire in your well-decorated house. You can set up this camera wirelessly in your home.

You Just need to turn on your wifi wireless security camera, and have to download a free Cloudedge app, and add the device in just a few minutes under 2.4Ghz wifi (Incompatible with 5GHz).

This wireless Outdoor camera comes with magnetic technology, this feature helps you to move the security camera anywhere you want, Camera also allows you to adjust the location 360*.

This smart Beautiful security camera doesn’t need any Drilling in the wall. You can use the double-sided adhesive to mount the home camera without screws as well.

This wireless security battery camera includes 160° PIR motion sensors which help you to get instant alerts in your phone when someone triggers the built-in motion sensors.

The mobile app of this camera also helps you to check the battery (Alarm Messages are saved to non-included Micro SD Card). Two ways talk lets you can hear and speak to anyone else.

Here WiFi battery-powered outdoor or Indoor camera powered by the rechargeable battery pack. (No Power Adapter included in the package) Includes a Micro SD Card slot for use with a user-supplied HD Micro SD Card up to 128GB Max.


Item model number HA3
Item Weight 8.5 ounces
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Special Features Wireless
Date First Available February 15, 2019


2. Light Camera Security 1080p WiFi Wireless Smart spy

hidden outdoor security cameras

This Light designed 1080p Wireless Smart Spy security camera is an amazing Hidden camera. The first time when I saw this camera, I also thought that it’s only a bulb but after seeing the features of this camera I realized that it’s a Hidden type security camera.

This hidden camera also comes with good quality which able to take 1080p Full HD Video and Images. All video recordings or footage are stored in the built-in SD card (up to 64GB). This thing also helps you in the case of streaming live video. 

While Connecting this panoramic camera to your phone via wi-fi Connectivity, you can easily control the camera. This Bulb camera also has an easy to use Graphical Interface that lets you perform actions remotely, which is also pretty good.

You also check the rating of this product which was pretty amazing


Best Sellers Rank #130 in Hidden Cameras
Item Weight 9.6 ounces
Batteries 1 Lithium-ion battery required. (included)
Product Dimensions 5.5 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches
Date first listed on Amazon February 17, 2019


3. Arlo Pro – Wireless hidden outdoor security cameras System with Siren

hidden outdoor security cameras


Arlo Pro is an awesome hidden security camera that helps you to look after your family, home objects, or office. By using this you will also get a 100% wire-free experience. This camera also allows you to work with Alexa, and with the help of this Alexa feature,s you can easily control the camera by giving a single voice.

If you want to control this Hidden camera from your home or any other place, then this Arlo Pro also allows you to Works the same thing with the help oAlexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately). You can also work with Amazon Alexa/ Echo Show/ Fire TV/ Google Assistant and View your live video with a simple voice command. Works with IFTTT, Samsung Smart Things, and more.

This outdoor hidden security camera has 850 nm LEDs illuminate, up to 25 feet with IR cut off filter.

The 130-degree angle of view helps you to see most of the area. The video resolution of this hidden security camera is up to (1280 x 720) which is a good configurable resolution.

The manufacturer also featured weather-resistant capability, so you can place it anywhere without hesitating (it depends on you where you place it)

This camera also gives you an awesome wirefree experience free of power cords and wiring hassles. The manufacturer also includes powerful rechargeable batteries in Arlo Pro cameras, those also support fast charging

Arlo Pro camera comes with rolling 7-day cloud recordings. So that you can see the recorded footage and live stream for up to 7 days with clear audio and picture quality. 

The manufacturer adds powerful AI technologies in this Arlo camera. you can also customize alerts to detect people, specific zones, and contact emergency responders right from your smartphone’s lock screen (optional service, includes 1-month trial)


Best-seller rank #206 in Surveillance & Security Cameras
Item Model Number VMS4130-100NAS
Item Weight 1.07 pounds
Product Dimension 3.1 x 1.9 x 2.8 inches
Batteries 1 CR123A battery required. (included)

4. Soliom Outdoor Home Security Solar Battery Camera

hidden outdoor security cameras


Soliom Outdoor home Security Solar battery camera is an awesome hidden camera that comes with S90 pro-technology with built-in 10000mah battery which is self-sustained by 3 solar panels. That’s really awesome…

This security camera also gives you an amazing 100% wire-free experience with 3 enhanced antennas. The manufacturer also added some awesome features like Smart motion technology, loud two-way audio, advanced day or night vision ability & many more.  

Soliom S90 pro comes with a built-in 10000mah battery that is self-sustained by powerful 3 solar panels. The accumulative current produced by the three solar panels (It provides 500~1000ma per hour). 

the battery in the S90 drains out, the solar panels have the capability to recharge the batteries within 3-4 (sunny) days. But if you want to charge it manually then you have to eliminate the need to take the camera down.

The solar wireless IP cam is made from special plastic material to withstand any kind of extreme weather. In this camera, Soliom also chooses to use the customized new generation reliable battery for outdoor temperatures between -4℉ to 140.

The Soliom S90 Pro is a WiFi-enabled wireless IP security camera with 3 enhanced antennas, so now you don’t think about the old wired camera. You can download the free Soliom App that allows you to remotely monitor your yard entrance, garage, office, garden, home, at any time.

When in live view mode, you can manually take a snapshot, and record the videos. You have to just Install the Soliom S90 within your home Wi-Fi range with good exposure to sunlight. You can share the camera account with up to 8 users to live to view it.

In the Soliom S90 Wireless Battery camera, the manufacturer uses integrated technology and also combined advanced rectangle PIR with Radar. Both trigger sensors allow you to catch motions with less false alarms.

When motion is detected, the cam will send an alert to your smartphone and record an 8 secs video clip into the cloud free of charge and memory card automatically at the same time. Clear and loud two-way audio lets you listen and talk back to visitors, pets, or intruders.

The solar-powered S90 security camera also comes with all of the accessories, tools which is most needed. In the box of this camera, you can see a guideline or instructions which need to set up. There is no hassle of running cords or wires around your house. you can easily install this camera within 15 min. 

This outdoor solar security camera has an awesome 1080p full HD day time video quality. It has 5 refined layers of glasses lens and also has high quality LED lights to enhance night vision.

The Soliom S90 Solar camera has a max 32ft(10m) night vision distance. For this, you can switch from day to night mode automatically. All of these features provide a reliable and clear 24/7 continuous outdoor home or office security.


Best-seller rank #54 in Bullet Surveillance Cameras
Item Model Number S90 Pro
Item Weight 2.43 pounds
Product Dimension 9.4 x 8.7 x 3.1 inches
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

5. Mini WiFi Spy Camera

hidden outdoor security cameras


This is an awesome mini wifi spy camera that Supports Only 2.4GHz WIFI.

gives you 24/7 Live Stream of your footage.

It has a powerful 1200mAh rechargeable battery-powered ability that gives you 24/7 Live Stream of your footage. This camera also ensures that the camera can work anywhere. In the camera, you will also able to see a Wi-Fi signal or cellular service. This camera can easily stand for 6 Hours. 

Without any Wi-Fi signal, this small spy camera can also record videos and save them to a micro SD card for your outdoor recording. You can also insert an SD card if you want.

It has the capability to detect Motion. After detecting any motion it automatically started recording the event and also sent you an alarm to your phone. This camera also allows you to see and check the live stream video remotely by using the app (no matter where you are).

This portable mini security camera is the size of a coin, that allows you to hold it with two fingers. The in-build Powerful magnets allow you to place them in any hidden places. But you have to complete a requirement of this camera and that is, you can only attach it to any metal surface. bring you a more convenient installation method and make it using more widely.


Best-seller rank #147 in Hidden Cameras
Item Model Number ABS190003
Item Weight 0.32 ounces
Product Dimension 7.1 x 4.9 x 1.9 inches
Batteries 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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